Oregon Grass List

Here is a list of grasses grown in Oregon for seed production. Click on the 'Common Name' link for any of the grasses listed below for a detailed description.

(Common Name) (Scientific Name)
Barley - Meadow Hordeum brachyantherum
Bentgrass - Creeping Agrostis stolenifera
Bentgrass - Spike Agrostis exarata
Blue Wildrye Elymus glaucus
Bluegrass - Kentucky Poa pratensis
Bluegrass - Pine Poa secunda
Brome - Alaska Bromus sitchensis
Brome - California Bromus carinatus
Brome - Columbia Bromus vulgaris
Fescue - Chewing's Festuca rubra commutata
Fescue - Hard Festuca lemanii
Fescue - Native Red Festuca rubra ssp. rubra
Fescue - Red Creeping Evergreen
Fescue - Roemer's Festuca roemeri
Fescue - Sheep Festuca ovina
Fescue - Tall Festuca arundinacea
Fescue - Tall Forage Festuca arundinacea
Fescue - Western Festuca occidentalis
Foxtail - Water Alopecurus geniculatus
Hairgrass - Slender Deschampsia elongata
Hairgrass - Tufted Deschampsia cespitosa
Junegrass - Prairie Koeleria cristata
Lemmon's Needlegrass Achnatherum lemmonii
Mannagrass - Tall Glyceria elata
Oatgrass - California Danthonia californica
Orchardgrass Dactylis glomerata
Ryegrass - Annual Lolium multiflorum
Ryegrass - Annual Tetraploid Lolium multifolrum tet.
Ryegrass - Intermediate Lolium intermediate
Ryegrass - Perennial Lolium perenne
Sloughgrass - American Beckmannia syzigachne
Timothy Phleum pratence
Velvet Bentgrass Agrosits canina
Wheatgrass - Blue Bunch Agropyron spicatum
Wheatgrass - Slender Elymus trachycaulus